Volunteer Requirements



 This school complies with all requirements of the NSW Child Protection Legislative Reform Package 1998. This includes:

  • Requirements to collect declarations from all paid employees and volunteer helpers who undertake tasks on behalf of the school that may involve unsupervised contact with students. If you wish to volunteer for such tasks at this school you will be required to sign such a declaration.
  • Undertaking the Working with Children Check (employment screening) for paid employees of the school.
  • Making notifications of ‘risk of harm’ or abuse to students to the Department of Community Services as per mandatory reporting laws (see attached brochure).
  • Managing allegations of child abuse against employees of the school according to the requirements of the NSW Ombudsman and the Commission for Children and Young People.
  • Ensuring that all paid employees or volunteers are appropriately informed of their obligations under the legislation.

This school also applies curriculum and pastoral practice to ensure the safety and well being of students attending the school.



  •  Volunteers need to complete the Working With Children Check.  For further details or information please go to the website for the Commission for Children and Young People at www.newcheck.kids.nsw.gov.au