Excursion Policy


  • From time to time educational excursions, sporting carnivals, camps and retreats are organised for the students at this school.
  • The school aims to keep the costs of these experiences to a minimum and no student should miss out as a result of financial hardship. Parents/carers are asked to contact the Principal to discuss this on a confidential case-by-case basis. 
  • When excursions, sporting carnivals, camps or retreats are organised by this school, students will be expected to participate as part of fulfilling the curriculum and pastoral requirements of the educational program.
  • When these experiences are arranged parents/carers can expect due notice in writing detailing the venue, dates, times, nature, cost, transport, requirements etc. of the specific experience. This will be in the form of a letter notifying parents in the case of compulsory excursions.  An individual consent form is provided for optional excursions.  Letters are uploaded to the College website.
  • This school fully considers the Occupational Health and Safety implications when taking students off the school site and any necessary details are included in the parent/carer information/consent form.
  • This school will take all reasonable care in the event of a student suffering accident or illness. However, it does not accept responsibility for the costs of any medical or dental attention or treatment administered to the student, nor will it be responsible directly or indirectly for any act or omission of any medical or dental practitioner or medical officer treating the student.
  • This school is in an Ambulance Fund, which provides full ambulance service from the school to the nearest PublicHospital.
  • In any incident of accident or illness (either on excursion or at school) a parent/ carer, or if unavailable a nominated emergency contact, will be informed as soon as possible.
  • This school provides some personal and accident insurance coverage to students for accidents that may occur during school time and on authorised school activities such as excursions, camps, retreats and work experience. More information is available at the Catholic Church Insurance Ltd. Website:




  • Information about additional student insurance that can be purchased is also available on the website.