Peer Support

The Peer Support Mentoring Program has been included in the College’s pastoral care program since 1993. The program aims to skill students in the transition from Years 6 to 7 and to enhance each student’s relationships with her peers and teachers.

During term four, Year 9 students are invited to apply to be trained as group leaders in the program.

Student leaders are trained by experienced staff who have undergone the necessary training for the peer support program.

After the initial training is completed, 2-3 Year 10 leaders are assigned to work with Year Seven students.  Group sizes consist of 8-10 students.

The sessions focus on three themes:

  • Resilience: Facing our Challenges
  • Values: Behaving with Integrity
  • Working through Conflict

The College has found the program to be of great benefit and along with the “Big Sister, Little Sister” program offers opportunity for the development of leadership skills in our older students whilst ensuring a smooth and supported transition for our Year 7 students.