Big Sister, Little Sister

Starting high school can be an exciting yet daunting experience.  Year 7 can seem far away from a new student’s previous school.

New buildings, subjects, class groups, travel arrangements, teachers and timetables. Young students face many challenges in the transition from primary to high school.

At Bethany, our College community has successfully addressed the needs of our new community members through our “Big Sister, Little Sister Program”.

At the commencement of each year, our Year 10 students, as the newest members of our Senior school, take on the role of “Big Sister” to new Year 7 students.

This is a personal way of introducing Year 7 to the school community with someone who can act as a mentor for them in their first year at Bethany.

Year 7 are formally introduced to their Big Sisters during the first week of orientation. The senior students are provided with the opportunity to continue to interact, mentor and support their Year 7 sisters.

The benefit to each girl is reciprocal, with a support network in place for Year 7 students and an opportunity for Year 10 students to demonstrate their leadership skills.