Merit Awards

It is the belief at Bethany that each student’s worth and self-esteem is valued and fostered by all staff.

To achieve this goal we have developed a system that involves students in learning to make good choices about their behaviour and acknowledging the consequences that poor choices bring.

The Merit System

The merit system has been implemented to recognise the many hard working, cooperative, high achieving and generous students at our school.

Our purpose is to acknowledge students who consistently demonstrate exemplary behaviour and demonstrate Habits of Mind, in all aspects of College life.

These awards are highly prestigious and should be valued by students throughout their time at Bethany. The wider community, particularly employers, recognize the importance of these awards.

The awards are cumulative and do not expire at the end of a year, thereby giving all students the opportunity to achieve during their time at the College.

The Merit Award system operates as follows:

  • 36 merit signatures     = Bronze merit certificate
  • 72 merit signatures     = Silver merit certificate
  • 108 merit signatures   = Gold merit certificate

A student who receives multiple gold awards will receive recognition in their final year of school.

The Notification System

The Notification System clearly states behaviours that are unacceptable at Bethany College and the consequences for such behaviours.

It is designed to help students clearly identify behaviour that impacts negatively on themselves and others.

This system is intended to assist students in shaping their future actions.

The Notification System operates as follows:

3 demerits in 1 (one) week = 1 hour after school on Tuesday between 3.00 and 4.00p.m.  Any further negative incidents in 1 week or the student shows a pattern of negative incidents, the student will be referred to their Year Coordinator who will implement the Act Justly Student Management Plan.