“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” -- Nobel Prize-winning, American scientist, Albert Einstein

Why choose Bethany?


The benefits of an all-girls school are evident in the fact that girls are always at centre stage. Of necessity they participate, take charge and get involved. The College leaders, prefects, SRC representatives, captains, dancers, designers, dramatists, orators, musicians, sports representatives – they are all girls.

Girls have to be independent at an all-girls school. They are learners that are Self-directed, Engaged, Critical, Creative and Collaborative (our five Learning Principles).

Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus, we believed we are called to ACT JUSTLY, LOVE TENDERLY AND WALK HUMBLY WITH YOUR GOD (our motto).

Inspired by our motto and in order to realise our mission and purpose, we are guided by our vision for learning: TOGETHER, WE GROW,

Using our vision for learning, we seek to equip, nurture and empower our girls to be women of INTELLECT, FAITH AND CHARACTER.

Bethany College is not just a school with girls, it is a school FOR girls. We are consistently in the Top 100 schools in NSW with 2019 seeing us ranked 72nd in the state.

Bethany College is a Systemic Catholic College. It has a current enrolment of over 1060 girls and more than 85 teaching staff, with numerous support staff assisting in many areas of the College.

The College is located at 2-4 Croydon Road, Hurstville. It was established in 1993 following the amalgamation of two local schools. Bethany is situated on the site of St Mary’s Star of the Sea High School Hurstville which began back in 1895. 

Over the following decade mansions were built for capitalists and professional men who could now commute easily to the City, and most of the land in Hurstville, Penshurst, Mortdale and Oatley was subdivided into residential building blocks. St Mary’s Convent (currently known as the Caritas Building) was built in 1885 and is a local historical landmark.

Our catchment area is best described by a circle with the College at the centre and stretching from Brighton to Oatley. Most of the girls travel by bus and several girls catch the train. 

Bethany College’s curriculum is aimed at accommodating the needs of the girls, and at preparing them to contribute – indeed to make a difference – to the twenty-first century.