“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” - Carl Rogers

Student Achievement


The Dux of the College in 2017 is Emma Bennett who achieved an ATAR of 97.5

40% of our Year 12 cohort achieved at least one Band 6/E4.

87% of courses studied at Bethany achieved results above State average.

TBA% of students offered a place at University through the UAC scheme.

The following students were identified by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA):

Distinguished Achievers (Band 6 in Subjects), 136 mentions in total:

Tyana Alam, Alexia Athanasious, Ifigenia Athanasiou, Gemma Belarra, Emma Bennett, Antonia Bonura, Rachel Cassar, Ano Chanakira, Amelia Colubriale, Eleanor Curran, Sarah Curukovska, Taylor Di Benedetto, Elizabeth Di Mattia, Danielle Dominkovic, Kaelah Dowman, Delaney Efremedis, Samantha Eyles, Jemma Fenwick, Jessie Ferguson, Lyric Fidow, Nova Gomes, Sarah Hanna, Ellie Hatzopoulos, Eliza Hetherington, Chloe Hickey, Jessica Hickey, Renee Ionnides, Kayla Jomaa, Jasmin Juncal, Carissa Kalaitzis, Lana Kaleel, Alice Kent, Scarlet Klem-Goode, Melanie Kozorovski (Y11), Nicole Kyriacou, Tara Lillicot, Lucia Maalouf, Sophie Manning, Eleni Markakis, Dakota Martin, Adele Moore, Tina Moss, Natalie Najem, Maria Nicholas, Gabriella Nocera, Georgia Pefkos, Paige Perry, Chloe Brooke Plazanin, Melissa Ruz, Riya Sajan, Adeline Simon, Melanie Spasevska, Sophie Squires-McCarthy, Holly Stansfield, Joana Stathopoulos, Vittoria Triulcio, Shareena Vo.

Other notable achievements:

  • Bethany College is ranked 89th out of 588 schools in NSW (this puts us in the top 15% of ALL schools, selective, independent and comprehensive and an improvement on 116th in 2016.
  • Lyric Fidow ranked 3rd in the State in Dance.

  • Melanie Kozarovski (Y11) ranked 3rd in the State for Macedonian Continuers.

  • Melissa Ruz awarded a scholarship for Engineering and IT from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).
  • Paige Perry awarded a scholarship for Accounting from UTS.

Noteworthy subject performances (in subject alphabetic order), where ALL students achieved a Band 4 or higher (>70%):

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • English (Advanced)
  • English Extension 2
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Modern History
  • History Extension 1
  • Music 1
  • Physics
  • Senior Science
  • Society and Culture
  • Textiles and Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Italian Beginner

Noteworthy subject performances (in subject alphabetic order), where ALL students achieved a Band 5 or higher (>80%):

  • Design and Technology