“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” ― W.B. Yeats

Schedule of Fees 2019

A brief outline of the fees to be charged at Bethany College in 2019. Every effort has been made by the Bethany Advisory Council to minimise cost increases. Our fee rises have been necessary to take into account the rises in the cost of energy, internet, bus and transport as well as the usual CPI increases one would expect. 

  Tuition Fees Building Levy

Resource Fee

ICT Levy Admin Fees Sports Fee Excursion Fee Total
Year 7 $1,756.00 p.a. $678.00 p.a. $695.00 p.a. $140.00  p.a. $820.00 p.a. $480.00 p.a. $240.00 p.a. $4,809.00 p.a.
Year 8 $1,756.00 p.a. $678.00 p.a. $640.00 p.a. $140.00 p.a. $765.00 p.a.  $480.00 p.a.   $190.00 p.a. $4,649.00 p.a.
Year 9 $1,947.00 p.a. $678.00 p.a. $600.00 p.a. $140.00 p.a. $765.00 p.a.  $480.00 p.a.  $265.00 p.a. $4,875.00 p.a.
Year 10  $1,947.00 p.a. $678.00 p.a. $600.00 p.a. $140.00 p.a. $765.00 p.a.  $480.00 p.a.  $285.00 p.a. $4,895.00 p.a.
Year 11# $2,594.00 p.a. $678.00 p.a. $615.00 p.a. $140.00 p.a. $765.00 p.a.  – $5,162.00 p.a.
Year 12# $2594.00 p.a. $678.00 p.a. $615.00 p.a. $140.00 p.a. $765.00 p.a.  –  – $5,162.00 p.a.


#    Total includes Retreat.  If you daughter chooses a VET course, a cost of $295.00 will be added.


Tuition Fees

These are set by the SACS (Sydney Archdiocesan Schools) Board, which is the committee of people who advise the Archbishop on matters of policy relating to schools in the Sydney Archdiocese.

Building Levy

This is charged per family and reductions are given if there are a number of children attending different Catholic Schools.  We obtain this information from the Validation Forms.

Resource Fees 

This covers the cost of materials provided in all subjects for use in the classroom.


A global excursion fee is being charged per term for Years 7 -10 to avoid frequent smaller charges. Years 11 and 12 will be charged on a per excursion basis.


Please remember that fees may be paid by the following methods: cash or cheque, EFTPOS, B-Pay or credit card. Payment details appear on the front of the fee statement. Centrepay and regular direct debit payments can also be arranged.

Fees are billed annually with three instalments scheduled.   If you wish to adjust your payment schedule to either Monthly, Fortnightly or Weekly, please contact the Bursar’s office.