My School

Recently the Australian Government’s updated MySchool Website was released and information for Bethany College can be found as follows: and follow the directions to find Bethany College, Hurstville.

This website was set up by the Federal Government in 2009 to provide details about Australian schools.

Each school’s NAPLAN scores are on the website.

There is also information that shows if there have been improvements in the students’ performance compared to the last NAPLAN test they completed two years before.

As well, there is information about how each school’s results compare with other ‘like’  schools.

This year, the My School website will contain information on each school’s ‘Recurrent Income’ and‘Capital Expenditure’. 

In other words, it will state the total amount of income, per student, that each school receives from Commonwealth and State  governments, and from all private sources (e.g. school fees).

You would be aware  that there have been stories in the media for some time with claims by some groups that Catholic schools are overfunded.