Newman Selective Gifted Education Program


Bethany College provides a range of support to students through the provision of programs and facilities to accommodate specific needs eg for gifted students, students whose first language is not English, students with disabilities, and students with specific numeracy or literacy needs.

The College participates in a Sydney Catholic Schools Gifted program, known as the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program. The program (formerly known as the Scientia program) has been in place at Bethany since 2012. This program has been designed to cater for the diverse range of gifted students at the college and as such gifted streams in literacy, english, science, maths and creative domains have been established throughout years 7 to 10. Within this framework processes have been established to identify students, design extension outcomes for assessment and reporting, track and monitor the academic development of students and support teachers in developing extension teaching and learning experiences for students.

The Newman Selective Gifted Education Program caters for a diverse range of student ability and interest from year 7 to 10. The program was specifically designed to enable students to have their needs catered for in a range of educational domains and with the flexibility to allow students to participate in different Newman groupings. Students are routinely tested on a number of subjective and objective measures to enable appropriate grouping.

The College Gifted policy clearly defines the process for identification of gifted students across 7 to 10 and range of educational domains. These measures include subjective nominations from teachers, parents and students and objective measures of ABILITY and PERFORMANCE including in-school assessment and standardised testing such as NAPLAN, Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT), ACER General Ability Tests (AGAT) Higher Ability Testing and Academic Assessment Services (AAS) testing.

All Newman Selective Gifted Education Program students have explicit extension outcomes that are assessed and reported on. These outcomes are constructed in consultation with the Leader of Teaching and supported with extension teaching and learning scopes and strategies.

Newman Selective Gifted Education Program curriculum uses a wide range of strategies to extend and challenge students including drawing from Williams and Maker models and cross-curricular assessment across four Key Learning Areas (KLA). KLA’s have engaged a variety of strategies including curriculum compacting.

Students in the program are also able to access a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities including STAR, university vacation programs, mentoring programs with primary schools.

Every Bethany girl has access to the College intranet. This allows students access to additional resource material online as well as an avenue for communicating with their teachers outside of the normal classroom.



SCS Gifted Education Policy