What is BYOD?

Bring your own Device, or BYOD, is a technical trend in education that allows users to bring their own personal technology devices into the classroom. The College believes that allowing families to choose their own device fosters a greater sense of ownership and connection between the student and their device. Bringing an approved device to school every day is a mandatory condition of enrolment at Bethany College.

There’s a myriad of technology out there, so we like to keep our requirements simple:

  • It must be a “laptop”.

This means the device must have a full-sized keyboard, and must run either Mac OS, or Windows Operating systems. Examples include all varieties of most PC laptops and Apple Macbook. It excludes iPads, other tablet devices running Android software, Chromebooks, or any linux-based tablet or laptop.

  • It must have a battery that lasts for 8 hours or more.

The College does not permit re-charging laptops at school. You must not rely on the ability to recharge the laptop during the day. All batteries degenerate over time, if it lasts for 8 hours now, it won’t in 12 months’ time, so choose the longest-lasting battery that fits your budget. Choosing something with 9+ hours is a safer bet.

  • It must have 5GHz wireless capability, at minimum N or AC speeds.

This refers to the wireless card or chip inside the device. Bethany College runs a high-density wireless network that makes use of the 5GHz spectrum to optimally deliver high speed wireless access to our students and staff. Wireless is typically delivered over 2 spectrums, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 2.4Ghz is commonly used in home and office routers and can suffer from performance degradation in highly dense environments such as apartment blocks, or anywhere where there is lots of wireless activity.

  • What are the options for acquiring a laptop?

After reviewing the requirements above, you have 2 options to obtain a suitable device; purchase a new laptop from a supplier of your choice, or provide a pre-existing laptop of your own. Each of these is explained further below:

  • Purchase a new laptop from a supplier of your choice

You are free to purchase a suitable laptop from any supplier provided it meets the minimum standards set out above. Please also keep in mind that most vendors sell laptops with a 12-month return-to-base warranty.

  • Provide a pre-existing laptop of your own

You may provide an existing device that you already own. However, please check that it satisfies the above requirements, as many older laptops will suffer from battery degradation and may not have compatible wireless. Again, it needs to be stressed that no recharging will be available at school during the day.