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At Bethany College we take pride in our appearance and wish to present a tailored and professional image to the community. To achieve this, a high standard of dress is required from students at all times.

General Uniform

The College badge should be worn on the left lapel of each girls uniform.

Hair must be tied back and must not be coloured in unnatural or multi-coloured tones. It should be cut in a conservative style, for example, undercuts are not permitted.

Ribbons, scrunchies and headbands must be maroon, white or blue with the old uniform, or navy with the new uniform.

The only jewellery that is permitted with school uniform is as follows:

  • one plain gold or silver ring.
  • one set of plain gold or silver studs or sleepers worn in the lowest lobe of the ear. No nose or tongue studs or any other visible facial piercing will be accepted. Nor will students be permitted to wear clear, plastic studs in their place. They need removal.
  • a watch.

Coloured nail polish and make-up (except for natural coloured lip balm) is not to be worn with the uniform at any time. Clear nail polish only. Nails should be kept to an appropriate length to prevent a student harming themselves or others during the course of school activities. Acrylic nails are generally too long and inappropriate for active, school use.

One small gold or silver chain with a cross or Christian symbol may be worn around the neck.


Optional Items

The College scarf is optional with the winter uniform.

If students feel that it is necessary to wear more clothes for warmth during winter, they must be worn under the regular uniform e.g. spencers, foot socks etc. Assorted jumpers and tracksuit jackets are not acceptable.

The College jumper and vest are optional garments that can be worn under the blazer or cardigan for extra warmth.

Summer Uniform


  • College navy plaid dress
  • College socks


  • College shorts
  • College sports T-shirt
  • Lace up sport shoes and College ankle socks
  • College sports cap


Seniors: Year 10-12

  • Short sleeve College blouse
  • College striped navy skirt
  • College ankle socks


Uniform should be retained from the junior school for wear at the carnivals.


(1) In cooler weather the blazer is to be worn to and from school

(2) Representative College sports jersey may be worn with the College Sports uniform.


Winter Uniform


  • Long sleeve College blouse
  • College tunic
  • College knee high socks or English navy opaque pantyhose
  • College cardigan (compulsory)
  • College blazer (compulsory)
  • College vest (optional)
  • College jumper (optional)


  • College Tracksuit
  • College T-shirt
  • Lace up Sport shoes and College ankle socks
  • College sports cap

Seniors: Year 10-12

  • Long sleeve College blouse
  • College striped navy skirt
  • College Blazer (compulsory)
  • English navy opaque pantyhose

Year 12 jerseys can only be worn on a Thursday and may not be worn to and from school.  They are not to be worn under the blazer at any time.


Second-Hand Uniform Sales

Parents are able to purchase second-hand uniforms from the following website: The Uniform Exchange .

Search this site for quality, pre-owned items from Bethany College students and ex-students, including:

  • Second-hand school uniforms
  • Second-hand textbooks
  • Second-hand musical instruments
  • Second-hand sports gear



Bethany College uniforms are available for purchase from the on-site uniform shop or online store, operated by the uniform supplier, Ranier.


UNIFORM SHOP (School days only)

Trading Hours 

Term 1 and Term 4                    

Tuesday            8:00am – 11:00am

Wednesday      1:00pm – 4:00pm

Thursday           8:00am – 11:00am


Term 2 and Term 3                    

Tuesday            8:00am – 11:00am

Thursday           8:00am – 11:00am


Phone:    9587 6282 (During trading hours only)

Email :  bethany@ranier.com.au


ONLINE STORE (Click & Collect)

Website:  www.ranier.com.au

Password: bc2220

Student number: Located on your daughter’s library card.


FITTING APPOINTMENT (Highly recommended)

Website:    www.ranier.com.au/appt

Password: bc2220

Phone:   9587 6282 (During trading hours only)